Custom boba/bubble tea cup sealer film

item No: sealer film
name: bubble tea cup sealer film

Material: PP

Specification: 2000 / roll, 4000 / roll

Weight: 2kg, 4kg
Customizing Boba tea sealing film is a good way to establish brand and improve customer loyalty. The sealing film with your logo can also provide a professional appearance for your store, and the cost of each sealing film is lower than that of traditional covers. We have PP, paper film and paper plastic dual-purpose film that can be used for custom printing.

The cup sealing machine uses plastic film to seal various products, such as tea, coffee, smoothie, frozen yogurt, etc. One way to help your brand stand out is to use a custom sealing film with your logo.

Custom Sealing Film

Customized sealing film with your logo on it helps build customer recognition and loyalty. It is used with a sealing machine and creates the perfect spill-proof, airtight cup.

There are several reasons to choose custom bubble tea sealer film over traditional lids. First, it is more convenient for take-out drinks becuase it remains sealed if tipped over and won’t spill in your bag or car.   Custom sealer film looks more professional and it helps to advertise for your business because it reinforces your company’s logo. When people see your sealer film, they will know where it came from.

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