16 oz coffee paper cup lid PP split plastic cover

item No: 90-03
Product Name: coffee lid

Caliber: 90mm

Material: PP

Weight: 7.5G
90mm transparent PP plastic cup - injection molding

This PP plastic cover is a packaged takeout choice for coffee paper cups and plastic cups. It fits closely with coffee paper cup and plastic cup and is not easy to leak on the side, so as to prevent the contents from overflowing from the container you choose.

Lid design

The edge diameter of our PP plastic cover is 90mm and is transparent. This plastic cover has a novel design.

Rigid structure

Food grade PP material, suitable for cold drinks - designed not to leak during use. Our plastic covers are shipped directly from Chinese factories.


90mm plastic cup cover is suitable for our 90mm coffee paper cup and plastic cup. You can also buy matching straws in our series - red spoon straws and transparent thick shake straws - as well as 16 ounce and 24 ounce plastic cold cup cleaning series.

Order details

You can order our 90mm 12oz frosted cold cup cleaning products, 1000 pieces per box. Look at the other plastic cups in our collection.
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