How to open a boba/bubble tea shop? Five steps to open a bba/bubble tea shop

Because young people like to drink boba/bubble tea, boba/bubble tea beverage shops have been very popular. Now drinking boba/bubble tea has become a fashion, so many young entrepreneurs also pay attention to the boba/bubble tea industry. In fact, many young people open boba/bubble tea shops, in large part because of the small investment and high returns. So, how to open milk tea? What are the steps to open a boba/bubble tea shop?

Five steps to open a boba/bubble tea shop:
1. Market Research
No matter what you do, you should first investigate and then open a boba/bubble tea shop. The first thing to do is to do a detailed market research. Only through detailed market research can we understand the current market situation of boba/bubble tea market and the results of market research, but we also need entrepreneurs to conduct relevant analysis.
Of course, in the process of market research, entrepreneurs also need to carefully select brands, then select brand projects suitable for themselves and the local market, submit applications to the brand headquarters in a timely manner, understand the details of the project, investigate the actual situation of the project, and it is best to go to the headquarters and several branches to check the business situation, ask the business details of the franchisees, and after the final decision, sign a contract with the headquarters and pay the corresponding expenses.
In particular, I would like to remind you that the problem of boba/bubble tea brand is mainly based on the actual ability of individuals. If the funds are abundant, you can choose the projects with high cooperation costs, but the brand strength is really good. If the funds are small, even if the brand is good, do not blindly join, otherwise it will be too late to regret if the funds are broken.
2. Shop site selection and decoration
When selecting the location of the store, try to choose a place with large traffic and flat terrain. When selecting the location of boba/bubble tea shops, we should also pay attention to the competition of surrounding boba/bubble tea shops and try to select places with few peers, so as to have a good development space. In addition to the location of the store, the appropriate decoration style must be selected during the decoration. Do not design at will, which is easy to produce reactions.
Let's put it this way, mature milk tea brands usually have their own set of VI systems. These headquarters have professional door teams to provide corresponding suggestions for store location, door design and internal design. The stronger the brand, the more pertinent these suggestions will be.
In terms of store decoration, we should also act according to our ability. We should not blindly choose any online popular style, INS style and Guochao style. The headquarters should follow the requirements of the headquarters, but do not listen blindly. Instead, we should choose the appropriate scheme based on our actual economic ability to save some costs as much as possible.

3. Employee recruitment

We should recruit employees for the milk tea shop in advance and try to select people with working experience. At the same time, entrepreneurs should also carry out relevant training for employees in advance to avoid employees being at a loss in the business process.

4. Selection of materials

A very important step is the selection of materials. Before selecting materials for milk tea shops, relevant budgets shall be prepared in advance to avoid overspending in material selection and equipment procurement.

5. In store publicity

Don't forget to do publicity after the preparation. Good store publicity can let the surrounding consumers know the existence of your store, so as to improve the popularity of the milk tea shop. If there is no publicity, customers will not come to the store if they do not know about it.

When the milk tea shop is renovated, remember to order boba/bubble tea cups. Boba/bubble tea cups are necessary to improve the appearance of boba/bubble tea. A good boba/bubble tea cups is to attract customers and make it popular. Jingsui is a professional manufacturer of disposable milk tea cups with various styles.

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