Why do young people like to drink pearl milk tea?

In 1987, a Taiwanese cold tea shop called "chunshuitang" added the local snack "Fenyuan" to milk tea, resulting in a world-famous milk tea category: pearl milk tea.

Subsequently, Taiwan pearl milk tea entered the Chinese mainland market, which caused a wave of "milk tea wind".

When I was in primary school, I still remember that there was such a shop outside the school. At that time, I loved to eat black pearls.

However, at that time, there was no tea in milk, and two had no milk. The product was made from various flavors and powders.
The entry threshold of milk tea is very low, a 3-5 square meter store or a small window can enter the market, so milk tea shops are almost everywhere.

In order to stand out from the same quality of products, we always need to think of some tricks, so real tea instead of powder appeared in milk tea. Slowly, milk also changed from powder to real milk, and then created a milk cap.

Beauty, force, price hand in hand to jump up.
It can also be seen that consumption upgrading is not only the result of consumer demand upgrading, but also the demand of enterprises to find new growth points. You and I, together, promote the consumption trend.

Nowadays, the milk tea industry has been growing in China. All kinds of refining and innovation of milk tea technology have made Chinese dairy people fatter (shut up!), Jay Chou is also crazy about call.
Interestingly, China's redefinition of milk tea has once again attracted the attention of the world, so not only fashion is a reincarnation, but also food!

With the domestic brand of milk tea entering the foreign market, foreign milk tea essence are eager to try on INS, Amway all kinds of milk tea drinks, and sucking milk tea has become a global hot.
This is not true. Recently, British netizens selected top 3 as their best milk tea to drink. Chinese milk tea elites laughed and did not speak after seeing it.

[ Top 1: COCO ]

Coco can be said to be the most cost-effective milk tea shop introduced from London
But when it comes to coco, he has become a brand abandoned by domestic dairy tea essence( Who calls domestic good milk tea too much

Although it can be counted as opening up the top brand of domestic hand-made tea and drinking, it is almost the national domination of coco in the past year
The most popular tea drink in the eyes of British young people: three brothers of milk tea.

[top 2: Happy lemon]

Small edition thinks, happy lemon already cannot find a few in the country

When all kinds of milk tea brands are crazy to mix the fascinating taste, happy lemon still does not update its old formula, greasy to the sweet hair, or take it away!
One of the most popular, and I fear the most: Oreo cake milk tea.

[ Top 3:T4 ]

This is a niche tea brand in Taiwan. Different from other milk teas, they mainly use scented tea with fresh milk. The taste is novel. Xiaobian tried it after being crazy Amway in London
Popular drink: classical Rose Milk Tea

I'm already shivering after watching top 3 in London. I don't know if you have the same feeling. I love the intimate Amway that the people of London have sent us.

Can't we open a few big milk tea shops in London and make it a global custom to drink milk tea?

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