How long is the shelf life of PP plastic injection drink cup?
一、 Plastic injection beverage cup for:

1. Cold cup: such as beverage, coffee, milk, cold drink, water, etc

2. Hot cup: such as coffee, tea, boiled water, soybean milk, milk tea, etc

3. Catering, tourism, leisure clubs, and other service industries

4. Entertainment service enterprises, real estate sales department, automobile 4S shop, etc. And into the major commercial sales

二、 How long is the shelf life of plastic injection milk tea cup

1. Quality supervision staff said that plastic injection milk tea cup really has a shelf life. In fact, the service life of plastic milk tea cup is generally 2-3 years, which may lead to aging and brittle phenomenon after expiration, which will affect the performance of the product. However, at present, the national regulations on this aspect are not very clear, and there is no unified standard.

2. Plastic disposable milk tea cup is convenient for people to use as long as it is used in the temperature environment marked in the manual. However, plastic products will appear aging and brittle after a long time of use, indicating the shelf life is to ensure that the plastic products can better play the performance. Once the shelf life is over, the physical properties of the product will deteriorate, which will affect the function and use of the product.

三、 Temperature of plastic injection milk tea cup:

1. Plasticizers in injection molded beverage cups can enhance the flexibility of plastics, making them easier to process and plasticity, and have been widely used in industry. Every kind of plastic has its heat resistance limit. Among the materials for food use, polypropylene (PP) can withstand 120 ℃, polyethylene (PE) can withstand 110 ℃, and polystyrene (PS) can only heat to 90 ℃.

2. At present, the plastic lunch boxes for microwave ovens are mainly made of PP or PE. If the temperature exceeds their heat resistance limit, plasticizers may be released. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid heating food in plastic lunch boxes with high temperature for a long time.

四、 Benefits of plastic injection molded milk tea cup

1. It has toughness and is not easy to be damaged when being pulled out

2. Beautiful design, complete categories, transparent and glossy shell.

3. The products can be printed with colorful patterns, words and brands on both sides according to the requirements of customers

4. The size and color of products can be selected by customers themselves

5. The product does not have any peculiar smell, the injection cup thickening, can avoid the cup holder

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