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7 oz PLA cup clear Biodegradable Plastic Cup

item No: 78-7oz
Brim full capacity: 200ml (7oz)
Diameter top: 78mm
High; 80mm
Bottom diameter: 45mm
Pieces per carton: 1000
Pieces per sleeve: 100
Carton dimensions: 39.5 x 33 x 40cm
PLA cup
100percent food safe, BPA-FREE: Means that our Disposable Pla clear Cups with Lids are 100percent biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Safe to Drink and designed to preserve the Taste / Aroma of food or liquid's inside, no phthalates or toxic additives. Made of heavy gauge durable 100percent biodegradable PLA , which is eco-friendly and 100percent biodegradable.
Perfect use for any types of cold drinks such as iced coffee, iced tea, juice, cocktails, smoothies, Frappuccino, shakes, bubble teas, etc.
Durable, crack resistant but light weight. Crystal clear design and rolled rim for great feel and appearance.
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